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Podcast Server

All your podcasts available in one place... Your place !

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One app to gather them all

This web-application allow you to centralize and synchronize all your favorite podcast in one place inside your Home Network (or even in the cloud).
You can use all your regular devices with that application, or even the Web interface to show the last episode downloaded.
The Podcast Server application is used like a proxy to download the episode in one place and send them back to your device.

Responsive Design

You can use your favorite Podcast Player (iTunes, BeyondPod ...), but this application provides you a simple and intuitive interface to browse all the episodes of your Podcast
The interface is totally responsive, in order to presents you the best interface for your Phone, Tablet or Desktop.
All the screens are totally dynamic, based on Web-socket. You don't need to refresh the screen to see the latest information

Totally Open-Source

This developpement is initialised by myself (Davin Kevin) and I really want to share this app with all people who, like me, need to centralize their Podcast (exclusively because I have a low bandwidth and a lot of device and I don't want to download episode over and over again).
I spend my (free) time to improve this application, but if you think you can help (adding Worker, improving IHM and other), I encourage you to fork this project !


This application is built with Maven (maybe Gradle soon) and uses a lot of embeddebale stack (Embedded Database, Embedded Container, Embedded Message Queuing Server...) limiting the dependancy...

So, to test the application you just have to clone the repo and launch it with the embedded Tomcat Server

$ git clone
$ cd Podcast-Server/ && mvn clean install && cd target
$ java -jar Podcast-Server.jar

If you want to tweak the application, you have to create an (or yml) (based upon application-example.yml template) to change the default value of the application

spring :
        url: jdbc:h2:exampledb
        username: foo
        password: bar
        driver-class-name: org.h2.Driver


This application used a concept of "Worker". A worker is a module whose can update and download podcast from different sources. RSS is the standard sources for Podcast, but you can use Youtube Channel or Canal+ replay TV as podcast.

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In order to build this App, I use a lot of open-sources framework, you can find a list and why I use them thereafter


Some company provide to the Podcast-Server team great tools to work everyday



JetBrains supports open source projects with its products and makes professional software development a more productive and enjoyable experience.



YourKit supports open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is the creator of YourKit Java Profiler and YourKit .NET Profiler, innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications.

More to come...

I really want to improve this application, so this enhancement is a kind of roadmap...